It will always be about values, location
and who you know.

In order to move forward and be heard in this noisy world, we all need to periodically step back from our canvas and view our work anew. Take our team outside their comfort zone and into a space where creativity is honored, focused, and supported. Remind ourselves that we are the authors of our own future. This is the Idea Stay Mission: to provide such a space, in a stimulating city with a long history of cultivating creativity.

The Loft

The Holland Lofts is the first foray into the hotel world for, Montreal’s #1 furnished luxury rental portal and operator. Located in Montreal's historic Holland building, the Creative Loft was envisioned to provide a unique work-stay experience for a discerning professional clientele.

The Holland Lofts is located at 1121 St. Catherine Street West in downtown Montreal, between Stanley and Peel.


The Idea

Ideation Staytion is the brainchild of Elizabeth Adams, a Strategic Storyteller who has worked across North America and Europe for some of the most creative, visionary, and inspiring people and brands. Hell-bent on helping companies keep up in this world by doing better, Elizabeth oversees ideation services, curates talent, and performs the role of Facilitator.

Read her original article on this big idea on LinkedIn. She is @bizadams on Twitter.

the Values

We make all our guests reveal theirs, so here are ours.


Successful ideation, the kind that leads to genuine progress, is predicated on participation from the people in charge. They must be in attendance. 


If you have a stake in it, chances are you’re passionate about it. We want to feel that.


If you don’t believe everyone is creative, we’ll show you.

Ready? Please direct all queries to the Contact section.

Loft photography provided by Kristin Lewis and Ralph Thompson.