Make the most of your assembled minds.

Ideation Staytion methodology is about curating an inspiring, future-focused, highly productive work session, by bringing together the best minds for the mission. Augment your executive team, challenge your creative, and elevate your ideas with fascinating talent from our local and international network of storytellers, strategists, trend forecasters, insight leaders, creatives, coaches, and learning designers. All services are bespoke. 


Session Design

Ready to map out your next move? We can work with you to design the ideal session for your executive team based on your goals and projections. 

Special Guests

Our Special Guests do more than simply show and tell – they stay to play. Apply their inspiring expertise to your particular challenges. 


Host, participant, guest speaker, and referee (if needed) all rolled into one, our facilitators will keep your team focused and your session on-track. 



Record and compile every idea, “Ah-ha” moment, note scribbled on the wall, smart board, or doodled in a notebook, into an invaluable archive of your session.