Features that facilitate creativity.

Successful ideation hinges on a range of factors, from basic note-taking tools to the people in the room. We carefully curated the Ideation Staytion loft to make showing, sharing, and collaborating easy, productive, and fun!

Atmospheric Control

Setting the right mood throughout your session can build momentum, set the pace, and increase productivity. Our SONOS surround sound system lets you choose your soundtrack, switch up the vibe and control volume, all from your phone. The RGB multicolour light panels let you adjust the atmosphere across the loft via remote.



Analog Apprentissage

When imparting knowledge and ideas, nothing is as immediate and elemental as putting pen to paper (or marker to board).  Beyond basic essentials like pens, pencils, notepads and post-its, the Staytion features writeable wall art in the Idea Bar and Café. There’s also a 42” SMART Kapp whiteboard that let's your team follow every jot live on their own device, whether in the room or across the world. We know... crazy.



Presentation Possibilities

Whether you’ve got a YouTube playlist prepared or just want to show some cool websites; have a guest speaker join via webinar, or stage a Ted Talk-style keynote, the Smart Salon is AV equipped with a 75” Smart TV, Epson digital projector with Apple TV, and blackout screens for maximum effect. 

Spec list


High speed wifi

Sonos 5-point surround sound

RGB Panel lighting

Eco-pens & pencils

Post-it notes



Dry-erase markers

Loft capacity: 50


75” Smart TV

Epson digital projector

Apple TV

Blackout screens

Seating: 20 - 40



Chef’s kitchen

2 coffee machines

2 4x4’ Magnetic dry-erase
wall panels

20-person counter

10-person table

2 Powder rooms

Coat check


2, 10-person
conference tables

4x12’ Magnetic dry-erase
wall panel

42” Smart Kapp

HP Colour printer